Conner G.

president and founder of Team CSK,

Conner Goldberg has started the group of team csk on Febuary 10, 2020. It was tough because, right after I opened this group Covid hit and we were zooming. I opened this with Co owner Landon Pacin and he has stuck with me since day 1. To this day Conner is a basketball player in Beth AM and is still head of Team CSK. He said "Team CSK will keep on going on for many generations to come". Conner also is the commisoner of the myt (Make Your own Team). conner also helped open Team CSK Football. Conner and his brother Hudson play most of the games and they have fun out there. Conner is very proud for this year of Team CSK (2022) because, we had the most members join such as Head of board and starter of board Joely Goldman. Conner loves basketball and he likes Football.

Landon P.

Vice President of Team CSK

Landon Pacin helped Conner Goldberg open Team CSK. Landon has been working at Team CSK since day 1. During the Covid 19 pandemic, he helped make zoom calls so we can all stay in-touch. Landon is also assistant owner of Team CSK Football that he opened up with Conner Goldberg and Jackson Myer. He also helped open the Team CSK governor race with Joely Goldman winning up against Pierce Warhaft. Landon plays basketball at Beth AM, plays Football for fun, and loves tc!